The Process

The student makes the claim to have acquired knowledge and skills through successful completion of a previous course of study and/or workplace experience. The responsibility of supporting this claim with evidence rests with the student who will/must supply the institution with all relevant documentation required in the form of certificates, course outlines, assessment criteria etc. The required contents of the portfolio of evidence are determined by the relevant recognised pathway. These have been arrived at through detailed matching projects which have been commissioned by the Consortium and are accepted by the participating institutions. They enable the Scheme to provide detailed advice to candidates on how to prepare their claim according to 4 possible sets of circumstances.

1. Where there is some certificated evidence of learning and substantial experience in a social work/social care role the portfolio would contain:

a) a legal study set by the University (route)

b) an Integrative Practice Study

c) a commentary written by the candidate which identifies and explains how they met the learning outcomes and DPI Competences - this would draw on a range of sources of evidence of practice, including at least one from a qualified worker who has directly observed the candidate's practice.

(The findings of one of our recent pathways projects indicates this would be the option for holders of a range of Community Education and Youth & Community qualifications, who also have substantial experience in social work/social care settings.)

2. The SVQ Pathway - the candidate would submit:

a) SVQ 4 in Care, or HNC in Social Care and SVQ 3 in Care,

b) a legal study set by the route

c) a commentary which shows their capacity to reflect upon and critically analyse their practice, and which draws on evidence from the SVQ Portfolio.

3. Where there is no certificated evidence which has been academically credited the candidate may choose

3.1 to submit a portfolio of four elements:
a) legal study set by the route

b) written work which shows equivalence to all the learning outcomes and competences required at Intermediate Assessment,

c) a reference/report equivalent to that of a practice teacher which addresses DPI competences and must include an element of direct observation of the candidate's practice

d) an Integrative Practice Study.


3.2 The Assessment Only Option: candidates choose to submit all Part One Assessments of their registered route to demonstrate equivalence to the learning outcomes. This would include a commentary on their own practice and the equivalent of a practice teacher's report.

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