Assessment Procedures.

Procedures at any stage in the programme.

  1. Termination of Training.

    At any stage in a student's programme, termination of training may be deemed necessary on grounds that:

    (i)  the student's behaviour is damaging or dangerous to either service users, other students or programme providers


    (ii)  the student's behaviour is creating an unacceptable risk for themselves or others.

    For information about the Consortium procedure see section, Termination of Training.

  2. Withdrawal from the DipSW Programme.

    At any stage, if a student withdraws from the DipSW programme, the route would require to record the student's progress within the educational institution and on placement(s). A recommendation should be made by the route and/or Practice Assessment Panel to the Programme Assessment Board, which will assess the student's current status and decide on the student's future status with regards to the completion of the DipSW programme at a later stage. A detailed record on all withdrawals will be retained by the educational institution, available to the student on request.

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