Appendix 13:

Complaints - Student Placements

Just as each educational institution has its own complaints procedure, so does each agency providing placements.

It is recommended that basic details regarding placement complaints be discussed at the time of the pre-placement meeting and covered within the working agreement.

Where a student is dissatisfied with the handling of their complaint, they can complain to the Consortium by writing to the Chair of the Consortium. Consortium representatives would meet with the agency/educational institution to examine the process used in dealing with the complaint, namely the extent to which the matter was dealt with in the agreed manner (i.e. the agency's complaints procedure for students). A reply would then be made to the student. If the student remains dissatisfied s/he can then complain to CCETSW.

On receiving a complaint from a student the Consortium Office will send a letter of acknowledgement within 7 days. A meeting between Consortium representatives and representatives of the relevant partners(s) will take place within 35 days of receipt of the complaint. A response will be sent to the student within 14 days.

Complaints should be addressed to:

Chair of the Consortium
West of Scotland Consortium for Education and Training in Social Work
Training Centre
117 Brook Street
Glasgow G40 3AP


It is important to note that the above procedure is distinct from that relating to appeals of assessment decisions. Procedures for such appeals are set out in Appendix 11, paras 4.5.1 - 4.5.4

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