Appendix 4:

Academic Dishonesty (Cheating)

Academic dishonesty in the submission of assessable work can take a variety of forms which might include for example:

It is regarded as a very serious offence which has implications for the perceived integrity of a professional social worker and it will therefore invariably attract penalties where it has occurred. Each route has its own procedures for dealing with instances of such malpractice, and its own scale of penalties which can in some cases include expulsion from the university or college and/or the retrospective withdrawal of a degree or diploma awarded.

In any instance where academic dishonesty is suspected the matter will be investigated through the procedures which apply in the student's route. If it is established through these procedures that academic malpractice has indeed taken place, the university or college will decide what disciplinary action is to be taken for academic purposes.

The Consortium Office and the Programme Assessment Board will be advised of the outcome of this process.  The matter may be referred to the Consortium Professional Suitability Committee under the termination of professional training procedures (see Termination of Training).

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