Assessment Regulations and Process.

  1. The regulations for assessment quoted below were set by The West of Scotland Consortium and were approved by CCETSW.

  2. The number of resubmissions which a student is allowed before failure of the course is as follows:
  1. Any student failing a Part 1 placement, but receiving the opportunity to repeat it, would not be able to proceed to Part 2 until the repeat placement had been successfully completed.

  2. Any student at the Intermediate Assessment failing one or more Part 1 assignments, and having been given an opportunity to resubmit, may, exceptionally, progress to Part 2, with the agreement of the external assessors and the PAB. If the student passes the re-submissions, then Chair's action can be taken to allow the student to proceed to Part 2. However, if the student fails one or more resubmissions, the Chair of the PAB may confirm that the student thus fails the course, provided authority for such confirmation has previously been delegated to the Chair by the PAB and provided the external assessor approves.

  3. The Consortium PAB will meet in conjunction with the Route Examination Board, which will make a recommendation to the PAB on the pass/fail grading of the students. The PAB has complete and final authority in relation to the assessment of the DipSW programme and will record a final assessment decision at Part I and Part II. The decision to fail a student off the course must be taken by a quorate PAB(see Appendix 11 para 2.2.1), subject to the proviso that the PAB may delegate this authority to the Chair where it is clear that failure of the course is the only competent outcome of the student's failure of a specific piece of assessable work. Where the Board's authority is so delegated, the external assessor must approve the final decision.

  4. For information about the following, please consult the appropriate paragraphs in Appendix 11 :

  5. Terms and conditions of appointment of chairs and vice chairs of the PAB (Appendix 11, paras 2.3 and 2.4)

    Issue of DipSW Certificates on successful completion of the programme (Appendix 11, para 4.2.2)

    Grounds and process for appeals against the decision of the PAB (Appendix 11, paras 4.5.1 to 4.5.4)

    Monitoring of assessment of the programme (Appendix 11, para 5)

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