Competence in Social Work.

Competence in social work is the product of knowledge, skills and values. In order to provide evidence that they have achieved the six core competencies students will have to demonstrate that they have:

The Statement of Requirements details the values, knowledge and practice requirements for the award of the DipSW, and although set out consecutively, their combination is essential for competent social work practice. It is only practice which is founded on values, carried out in a skilled manner and informed by knowledge, critical analysis and reflection which is competent practice.

In order to ensure that all assessment tasks fir the DipSW require demonstration of this combination of knowledge, skills and values, students must be assessed for their understanding of knowledge and theory, and their integration of values in the context of their application to practice, and evidence of meeting the value requirements must cross refer to specific practice undertaken by students as part of meeting the six core competences.

An holistic approach to the assessment of skills is equally necessary, and practice teachers must seek evidence of the integration of knowledge and values in students practice. It is essential, for example, that students are required to demonstrate that they not only know about a range of social work methods and theoretical approaches, but that they can select and make skilled use of them in their practice.

Although the underpinning skills of professional competence are identified and specifically assessed through the practice requirements of the core competence Develop Professional Competence, they are integral to the meeting of all the core competences. To emphasise the essential nature for meeting core competence Develop Professional Competence through practice undertaken in relation to the achievement of the other five core competences.

Evidence of conceptualisation, critical analysis, reflection and transfer of knowledge,skills and values is essential for the award of the DipSW, and students must be required to provide this evidence in written work and in practice throughout the programme.

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Extracted from: CCETSW 'Assuring Quality in the Diploma in Social Work - 1, Rules and Requiremments for the DipSW' (Revised 1995). Part 2 Requirements for Qualification.