Core Competence : Working in Organisations.
  Contribute to the work of the organisation.
Practice Requirement: Demonstrate capacity to work as an accountable and effective member of the organisation in which placed.
Evidence Indicators:

Be accontable for own behaviour and practice and work within agency policies and procedures.

Identify the nature of the team and own contribution to it.

Establish, maintain and enhance collaborative working relationships with team members and agency staff.

Contribute to the establishment and maintenance of effective communication between the agency and services users.

Contribute to the planning and allocation of the work of the team and organisation.

Contribute to development of organisational policy, procedures and provision.

Practice Requirement: Contribute to the planning, monitoring and control of resources.
Evidence Indicators:

Find out about funding available to the team and commitments, priorities, criteria and procedures for its dispersal.

Plan for the use of available resources.

Identify and advise on changing and emerging demands on available resources.

Monitor and contribute to the control of resources.

Practice Requirement: Contribute to the evaluation of the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the services.
Evidence Indicators:

Recognise and apply appropriately criteria for monitoring effectiveness, effiency and economy of services within the agency.

Seek feedback from colleagues and other relevant professionals about the effectiveness, eficiency and economy of the services.

Seek feedback from service users and their carers about the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriatness of the services provided and facilitate them to make suggestions about omprovements to services.

Enable services users and their carers to make representations including complaints and assist in ensuring that such representations are treated with respect and dealt with promptly and courteously.

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Extracted from: CCETSW 'Assuring Quality in the Diploma in Social Work - 1, Rules and Requiremments for the DipSW' (Revised 1995). Part 2 Requirements for Qualification.