Direct Practice Outcomes- DP1 and DP2

In undertaking either of the two practice placements, students will be working across the range of practice requirements, with varying levels of complexity and responsibility. In social work practice, no practice requirement and/or core competence can be seen to operate in isolation, but rather are interconnected. Learning on placement should, therefore, be seen as a progressive process, with students being encouraged not only to focus on the practice requirements set for successful completion of DP1 or DP2, but rather to take a more holistic approach to the learning required overall for competent social work practice. The achievement of the 26 practice requirements to meet the six core competences will be over DP1 and DP2 placements.

In demonstrating competence, one piece of practice will be permissible as evidence against a number of practice requirements.

With particular reference to practice requirement - "Work in accordance with statutory and legal requirements" incorporated in core competence Assess and Plan - students, within DP1 and DP2, must demonstrate evidence of operating within the constraints and opportunities set by the legal context of their placement. For final assessment, and by the end of DP2, students must adhere to and carry out action in accordance with statutory and legal requirements. For some placements, this may involve negotiating with other agencies to provide this opportunity. However, where in DP1, it has not been possible for active engagement, this must be completed in DP2.

In core competence - "Develop Professional Competence" - students should be able and are expected to gather evidence for meeting this core competence through practice undertaken in relation to the achievement of the other five core competences. At the same time, each practice requirement identified under "Development Professional Competence" will require to be evidenced and assessed over DP1 and DP2.

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