Formative and Summative Assessments.

Formative assessment will mainly occur within supervision sessions when the student's practice, values and reflective and analytical skills will be a continuing focus for discussion and development. Within this process, further learning needs may be identified and appropriate action taken to provide those. All members of the placement team will have responsibility for ensuring that the learning opportunities and support structures are in place to ensure the placement experience offers students the means to evidence the competences required.

Summative assessment will draw on a variety of sources of evidence in demonstrating the required direct practice outcomes. Summative assessment will include:

Assessment timing: There will be variations in the timing of assessable assignments according to the student's route requirements and the particular format of the placement. In the formulation of the Working Agreement, the route must advise the student and practice teacher about the details of submission dates for assessable assignments, all reports and planned dates for Practice Assessment Panels and Programme Assessment Boards. Information as to where individual students and practice teachers may be formally involved in the latter are contained within the Assessment Pack.

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