The Role of the Tutor.

The tutor's role is to ensure linkage between the educational establishment and the practice based learning. This will include -

1. active involvement in discussion and guidance in relation to different placement options, in processing placement requests, in assisting the student's preparation for placement and in arranging for pre-placement meeting/visit.

2. visits/meetings (where possible 2 out of the 3 being at the placement location) with the student and practice teacher at the pre-placement, interim and final stages of the placement to contribute to the development of learning outcomes and to the monitoring and formal assessment of the student's progress.

3. additional visits/meetings in the event of difficulties arising in the placement with a view to assisting in appropriate course of action

4. facilitating linkage between academic and practice learning, as well as providing information on route based teaching workshops and practice teacher meetings

5. provision of guidance on any specific route expectations and requirements at the earliest appropriate stage of the placement

6. distribution of the Consortium placement evaluation form where relevant and its completion

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