Termination of Professional Training.

2) Use of Procedure

2.1 The procedure will be used where there are concerns that suggest a student's behaviour may be damaging or dangerous to service users, other students or programme providers, or where they create unacceptable risks for themselves or others. Issues may be raised under the professional suitability procedure regardless of the source or location of the matter in question.

2.2 The professional suitability procedure is separate from the programme's assessment procedures. Examples of instances where this procedure could be invoked, would include; cases where a student is charged with an offence; misconduct by a student whilst on placement; cases of academic dishonesty; cases where students fail to declare previous convictions. This procedure may also apply in situations where serious concerns exist regarding a student's capacity to undertake professional training for reasons of health. These examples are not exhaustive but are intended to provide an indication of the sorts of matters that can fall under this procedure.

2.3 In all cases the procedure will be implemented with due regard to relevant legislation.

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