Termination of Professional Training.

6) Decisions

6.1 Following the presentation of all relevant evidence, and having ensured that the student has had sufficient opportunity to present her/his case, the members of the hearing will normally consider their decision in private, with the administrator to the hearing in attendance to record the decision and reason(s) for it.

6.2 In view of the need to protect vulnerable members of the public any decision made by a hearing should be on the basis of the balance of probability.

The decisions open to the hearing are:

  1. that there are insufficient grounds to demonstrate that the student is unsuitable for professional social work and that the student may therefore continue on the course;


  2. that there are sufficient grounds to conclude that the student is unsuitable for professional social work and that the student's programme of study should therefore be terminated.

6.3 The decision of a hearing applies only to the professional award of the DipSW. It does not apply to any academic award made by one of the four universities. Termination of training in relation to one of these awards can only be via the relevant university's disciplinary procedures.

6.4 If a student has been suspended temporarily and then subsequently approved for continuing their studies, discussions will take place between the route and any placement agency (and involving the PAP and PAB Chairs as appropriate) to agree what should be done regarding any missed teaching and/or placement time.

6.5 The lead tutor for the DipSW route must be advised in writing of the outcome of the hearing within 7 days of the decision being made. It will be their responsibility to ensure that the relevant authorities within the University are advised of the decision. The student should be advised in writing of the decision of the hearing and the reasons for it, within 7 days of the decision being made. The letters will come from the Chair of the hearing.

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