Termination of Professional Training.

8) Confidentiality and Access to Information

8.1 The documentation prepared in considering the case of an individual student should be confidential to; relevant route staff; the members of the Professional Suitability Committee involved in a hearing and/or initial investigation; members of the Consortium Policy Committee involved in considering an appeal; and the Consortium Manager and her/his representative. Following a decision being made, one full copy of the documentation will be retained at the Consortium Office, while the route will hold a further copy. All other copies will be destroyed.

8.2 In cases where a student's training has been terminated on grounds of unsuitability, information outlining the reasons for the decisions can be passed on to other agencies. Examples of where this would be appropriate include; where a student is seeking employment or voluntary work with vulnerable people (including children). The SSSC will be advised of the reasons for 'withdrawal' in writing.

Termination of Training Appendix

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