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Welcome to the web-site for the West of Scotland Consortium for Education and Training in Social Work.

The web-site aims to provide information on social work and social care education and training as well as background information on the Consortium (who it is, what it does, etc). While the main emphasis is on the West of Scotland the general information on how to qualify in social work is of relevance throughout the UK. This information covers the continuum of training from

        Social Care Professional qualifying training Post-qualifying training

One of the main tasks of the Consortium is the organisation of professional social work training in the West of Scotland. This is via the Diploma in Social Work (DipSW) Programme delivered by the Consortium partnership. Much of the site is devoted to setting out the Programme's requirements and regulations, including assessment procedures, information on placements and arrangements for Advanced Entry to the Programme.

If you have any comments on the site or queries regarding information within it then you can contact us at or by post/telephone/fax at :

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