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BA Post Qualifying Social Work


Mode of Study
Work based study

This programme is self or employer funded. Suitable candidates may be eligble for a SSSC Post Qualfying bursary to assist with the costs of the programme. For further information contact:

Scottish Social Services Council

Tel: 01382 207101


Ian Brodie
Telephone: 0141 331 3163 E-Mail: Web-site Glasgow Caldonian University

Programme Stucture

The programme is in two stages: consolidation and specialist. The consolidation stage comprises two modules which together enable candidates to gain SSSC's PQ1 award (40 credits). The remaining modules are organised in relation to specialist pathways: Child Care; Community Care; Residential Child Care; and Learning Disabilities (80 credits). It is also possible to follow a General Pathway through undertaking appropriate modules from the specialist pathways.


Consolidation (2) Child Care (4) Community Care (4) Residential Child Care (4) Learning Disabilities (4)

This programme is designed to enable qualifed social workers to enhance their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) through undertaking modules which meet the Post Qualifying Requirements of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

The Programme
Candidates enter the Programme at advanced standing, and will have studied at least to Scottish Degree Level 2.

Non-graduate professionally qualified Social Workers who complete 6 modules will obtain a degree (BA Post Qualifying Social Work) in addition to SSSC's PQ Award (PQSW). Candidates who complete the two consolidation modules will obtain the first stage of SSSC's PQ Award (PQ1).

The programme builds from the consolidation stage through offering four specialist pathways in: Child Care; Community Care; Residential Child Care; and Learning Disabilities. A General Pathway can be followed drawing from appropriate specialist modules.

Credit for prior learning can be given for up to 50% of the programme. The Programme Handbook provides detailed information on the assessment of prior learning.

The maximum period of the completion of modules normally is 6 months, and, for the programme, 6 years.

The teaching and learning approach on the Programme takes account of candidates' work commitments. There is an emphasis on work-based learning with workplace supervision providing a crucial role on the programme. Candidates are supported in their learning by the University through individual and group tutorials, and through the provision of directed learning materials. The candidates' employer is required to nominate a workplace supervisor. Assessment is through submission of a portfolio for each module undertaken. Evidence of current reading and its application to practice will be an integral part of the portfolio and will demonstrate the candidate's ability to keep up to date and to work independently.

Entry Requirements
Candidates normally will be non-graduate CQSW, CSS or DipSW holders occupying a post in social work. Candidates who are not qualified social workers, but who have studied at least to Scottish Degree Level 2, can access the programme and individual modules, but will not be eligible to SSSC's Post Qualifying Award.

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