Diploma in Social Work (DipSW).

The Diploma in Social Work (DipSW) is the professional qualification for social workers in the United Kingdom. The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) who currently regulate social work training require DipSW Programmes to be run collaboratively between one or more educational institutions and one or more social work employer.

The West of Scotland DipSW Programme is the largest in the United Kingdom in terms of the numbers of partners as it involves the four West of Scotland Universities, thirteen West of Scotland local authorities and some 50+ Voluntary Organizations who are represented by the West of Scotland Voluntary Agencies Training Forum. Thus in geographical terms the Consortium spreads from Dumfries in the South to Oban in the North, and from the Inner Hebrides in the West to Shotts in the East.

The West of Scotland Consortium is approved by SSSC as the DipSW Programme provider. The DipSW Programme as it is delivered by the Consortium has common selection principles, shared module outlines and assessment procedures and common arrangements on placements. Details on the last two of these are available on this web-site. Where there are differences between the courses these are due to the DipSW being embedded in different academic courses at the different Universities.

The information on the DipSW Programme on this website covers:


Assessment Procedures

AP(E)L or Advanced Entry Arrangements

Information on the courses at the four Universities

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