Assessment of Academic Assignments.

  1. The process of assessment for academic modules and for the integrative practice study is shown diagrammatically in Appendix 14 and Appendix 15 respectively.

  2. Assignments for academic modules are double marked within routes. Following external assessors' examination, assignment are graded pass or fail.

  3. The integrative practice study is doubled marked by the practice teacher and a tutor other than the student's own. In the case of a dispute between the practice teacher and the tutor, a third marker will be required.

  4. Standardised written feedback will be provided and all routes will aim to make this available to students within three weeks of the date of submission for the assignment.

  5. The external assessor linked to the route will be receive a sample of pass recommendations and all fail recommendations.
    The external assessor confirms or amends grades in accordance with CCETSW guidelines.

  6. Students will be notified of their results after external assessment has been completed.

  7. Final Programme Assessment Board gradings will be pass or fail. Students may be given the opportunity t resubmit fail assignments, in accordance with the time limits set by assessment regulations set out in the section entitled "Assessment Regulations and Process"

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