Procedures in Direct Practice.

(Note: For guidance on Practice Assessment Panel procedures please consult with the member of staff who has been delegated this responsibility).

1. Procedures Prior to the Working Agreement

The date for completion of the Working Agreement, between practice teacher, tutor and student, will be defined within the route course handbook. Completion of working agreement would normally be within 12 placement days. Please refer to Appendix 13, Complaints - Students Placements, when preparing the Working Agreement.

1.1 Viability of Placements

1.1.1 If in the process of negotiating the Working Agreement, there is consensus in the placement team (practice teacher, tutor and student) and between the route and placement provider that the placement is not viable, e.g. due to the lack of appropriate learning opportunities or a major change in the student's personal circumstances, the onus will be on the placement provider to secure another placement. No Practice Assessment Panel would require to be called.

The Chair of the Practice Assessment Panel must be notified of the decision to secure another placement by letter, signed by the route tutor, the practice teacher and the student. The Practice Assessment Panel Chair will then send a formal, written response to the student, with copies to the practice teacher and the tutor, noting the circumstances leading to the change of placement and agreeing the action being taken.

1.1.2 If there is disagreement about the viability of the placement, after negotiations with the route, placement provider and student, the final resolution is with the Consortium Secretariat Manager.

The Consortium Secretariat Manager will send a formal, written response to the student, with copies to the practice teacher and tutor, confirming the action taken.

1.1.3 A record of the placement, signed by the practice teacher and student, and where appropriate, the tutor, will be passed to the practice teacher in any subsequent placement. The form of the report will be decided by the placement team.

(NOTE: If another placement is required, it may not be possible to provide it within the normal time scales for completion of Direct Practice 1 or 2. This may result in delayed progression and completion of the DipSW programme.)

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