Direct Practice Outcomes- DP1

For DP1, it is assumed that because students will be bringing a wide range of previous experience and learning needs and patterns, and because they will be operating in very different placement contexts, there will be varying patterns of achievement at the end of DP1 placement and this needs to be acknowledged in preparing for DP2.

In addition, because of the nature of social work practice, it is expected that DP1 placements will inevitably involve students in work and learning related to the criteria set for the qualifying Award, but their degree of understanding and level of skills in DP2 are likely to be greater than in DP1 since by the end of DP2 students will have had more taught material from the campus-based modules as well as greater development opportunities overall.

Despite these expected variations, as a minimum, there must be evidence of the student having met the required standard of competence on completion of DP1. These requirements are:

Any student who is unable to meet the required standard of competence will not be awarded a pass grade for DP1. Any student failing a Part 1 placement, but receiving the opportunity to repeat it, would not be able to proceed to Part 2 until a repeat placement has been successfully completed. (Refer to the Assessment Pack, section 3 )

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