Appendix 8:

Placements Reports- Guidelines for Students' Reports.
Appendix 8.1 - The Format of the Students Report.
Appendix 8.2 - The Context of the Placement.
Appendix 8.3 - Evidence of Competence.
Appendix 8.4 - A Statement About Placement Learning.


These guidelines have been devised by the Consortium in response to the Rules and Requirements for the DipSW, Revised 1995, set by CCETSW and provide a basis for the presentation of reports by students for DP1 and DP2 placements. Reports will be required at both the interim and final stage of the placement. The interim and final report for each placement will have a similar format. However, within the interim report focus will be on demonstration of the student's progress towards meeting the competences required by the end of the placement, whereas within the final report, evidence will be required that all practice and six value requirements, determined for DP1 or DP2, have been met. Each of the assessment requirements (see Direct Practice Outcomes - DP1 or DP2, as appropriate) must be evidenced within the reports.

The student's report is of significant importance in providing evidence of competence and will form part of the assessable material used in determining the progress within the placement at interim stage and outcome of the placement at the final stage. This report will be scrutinised by the practice teacher and commented on within her/his own report and will be read by members of the Practice Assessment Panels. Ultimately, reports may also be read by external assessors and members of the Programme Assessment Board. Reports are read for three main purposes (1) academic standards; (2) demonstration of competence; and (3) monitoring of placements.

To make cross-referencing of competences, practice requirements and value requirements clearer for markers; please use the referencing numbers given in the tables, in your reports.

The student may be asked to provide supplementary evidence of competence, if the submitted report is insufficient. In order to avoid this situation arising, it may be useful as the placement progresses to consider the evidence of work required for the student report. The practice teacher will have a role to play in assisting the student to locate sources of evidence. The grids referred to overleaf would, at this point, be useful in highlighting sources, if the grids have been used as a working tool during the course of the placement.

Consortium guidelines for the practice teacher's report are set out in Appendix 7, and should be read by the student to understand the correlation between the placement reports.

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