Submission of Assignments.

  1. Students will require to provide evidence in assignments of
  1. Submission dates for assignment are decided by the routes to suit their particular timetables and curriculum format, within certain boundaries agreed by the Consortium. These are

    2.1  Relevant assessable assignments must be submitted by the end of Part 1 or Part 2 of the programme

    2.2  In accordance with the following principles, specific submission dates are fixed by each route in relation to its pattern of teaching:

    (i)    assignment related to academic modules - submission date within six weeks of the end of the module teaching
    (ii)   integrative practice study - submission date within six weeks of the end of the placement
    (iii)  direct practice modules - practice teacher's report and student's report should not be required earlier than 2 weeks before the end of the placement.

    When making decisions about dates, routes will ensure that the assessment pattern for each part of the programme is evenly distributed. Unavoidable exceptions to these principles must be notified to the DipSW Management Committee.

  2. Extensions to submission dates on the grounds of illness/exceptional circumstances must be requested in writing to the route nominee for this purpose. The maximum period of extension will be four weeks. The extension should be requested, at the latest, on the day before the submission is due.

  3. Assignments, which are not submitted on time or within the agreed extended period will be graded fail.

  4. Students are required to submit each assignment in accordance with the word limit, which is specified in the assignment outline. This word limit is given in the form of a specific number of words, but variation within a 10% margin above or below the given number is allowed.

    Variation beyond this 10% margin will attract criticism from the markers and this could be a critical factor in deciding the final grade for the submission. In any instance where a student submits a script which is longer than the specified word limit by a margin greater than 10%, markers will discontinue their assessment at the point where that 10% margin is reached. (For example, if a student were to submit 3600 words for a 3000 word assignment, only the first 3300 words would be read by the marker and the remaining 300 words would be disregarded. The grade would therefore be decided on the extent to which these first 3300 words answered the whole question).

  5. Any source material used within assignments should be carefully identified with the author's name and referenced in footnotes and/or the bibliography attached to the assignment. Failure to do so may be viewed as plagiarism, a serious academic offence which falls within the route's disciplinary code. (see Appendix 4).

  6. Appendices will be considered as provided supplementary evidence only. The substantive material must fall within the word limit set for the assignment.

  7. Assignments should be typed, on one side of A4 paper. Pages must be clearly numbered and the total number of words used noted at the end of the assignment.

  8. Guidelines for the markers of assessable assignments are attached in Appendix 1.

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