Interim Assessment.

The Assessment Pack should be referred to for details of Interim Assessment.

The interim assessment is a formal part of the assessment process for which both the student and practice teacher are required to write reports. The written report, by the student, will provide evidence of progress towards meeting the learning outcomes for direct practice and the practice teacher's report will evaluate the student's practice and progress, stating whether the student is on course to pass or fail.

The form of the final reports from the practice teacher and student should be in line with (a) the guidance given in Guidelines for Practice Teachers' Reports and Guidelines for Students' Reports and (b) any route requirements.

The interim assessment reports will be submitted to the route for consideration. Where the student's performance is identified as below expectation a range of support and cross checking strategies will be available dependent on the degree of difficulty and issues. These may include the involvement of a second practice teacher or calling a Practice Assessment Panel consisting of representatives from across the Consortium. The details of these strategies are in the Assessment Pack and can be employed not only at the interim assessment stage but at any point where concerns about the placement experience have been expressed by the practice teacher, tutor and/or student.

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